Monday, January 16, 2012

Be Not Wise, But Be Wise

Proverbs 3:7 - "Be not wise in thine own eyes; fear the LORD, and depart from evil."

This instructional admonition follows immediately after the command to "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding (v. 5)." God tells us that leaning on our own understanding - a sufficiency in our own ways rather than His ways - is a "way that seemeth right unto a man; but the end thereof are the ways of death (14:12 & 16:25)." But man, in his persistent rebellion against God, continues to seek his own way - his own truth - his own wisdom. The apostle Paul tells of the downward spiral of man's depravity when in Romans 1:22, he says, "Professing themselves to be wise, They became fools." Many a fool thinks himself wise. But instead of seeking wisdom from God, he follows his own heart - a heart that cannot discern truth from lies - good from evil.

They Became Fools

I don’t believe the naysayers, Who do not trust the Lord,

Who try to find some other way To go to their reward.

I don’t believe the modernists, Who scoff at God’s true Word.

They try to alter Holy Writ So all the lines are blurred.

I don’t believe the monkey-men, Who say that we evolved –

Those who say the riddle of Life’s origin they’ve solved.

I don’t believe the bone peddlers, Who teach eons of time.

They say that homo sapiens From lower forms did climb.

The way it all boils down, now, For man in his own eyes –

More foolish he continues, Though thinking himself wise.

© 2006 Paul Stultz

But if we would follow after God and do His will, we will find the happiness that He promises us in His Word. He tells us in Proverbs 16:20 “He that handleth a matter wisely shall find good: and whoso trusteth in the Lord, happy is he.” Yes, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom (Prov 1:7; 9:10; Ps 111:10).” And then again, "Behold, the fear of the LORD, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding (Job 28:28)." The essence of the "Fear of the LORD" is following God's will and accepting the offer of free salvation through His Son Jesus Christ, for it is only through accepting this salvation that a man truly abandons his own will - his own way - his own wisdom - and receives God's gift God's way. In John 14:6, Christ says, "I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."

So friend, the choice is out there for you - your way - the way which seems right to man - ending in death - or God's way - through faith in His beloved Son - a way that leads to everlasting life. Y'know, it's pretty much a no brainer. Follow Spurgeon's advice below - our verse says "be not wise" (in your own eyes, that is) and Spurgeon say "be wise" (and look to God).

Quote - “Be wise I pray you, and look a little beyond you. Why shut your eyes and perish? Man, I charge thee by the living God, awake, or hell shall wake thee; look man, or eternity shall soon amaze thee.” Charles H. Spurgeon

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